Leave of Absence-Death


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I have been on an extended leave of absence from this site and any other site due to loss. The death of 2 people that I loved dearly within 2 weeks of each other. Death can paralyze you because I am temporarily paralyzed. I am coming out of shock and proceeding through the grief process. Life will never be the same. These last 2 years have been the most death that I have had, so that is a blessing in itself I know, but it hurts. I know people who have the curse of losing all the men in their life before the age of 25, so I am truly blessed. I am back trying to continue this life with these voids.

Thank you.

Onward to Bigger and Better Things

Sometimes you have to run and save yourself. I quit my job to no job to avoid negative poisonous affects to stay in life. I have never worked in such a devil lead place in my life. So on true faith I left. The suffering had to stop. In my clear mind and state I created my own photo booth frame. Isn’t that cute. Hidden talent once you are free from negativity.