Loving Lyft & Life

Fixing my finances all on a budget requires extra money. Praying to the wind will not help the situation. So I took on a second job with Lyft. 

Yep Lyft and started making money immediately to catch up on bills almost over night. There is a slight method to it but it is by far not complicated. In 14 days I paid bills totaling $500 working 9-10 hours a week, mostly on the way home from my regular job.  

Instead of waiting for next pay check and staying in the hole. It also took off the pressure of having a job at all. Did I mention that you can pay yourself daily by using Express Pay option that only cost .50.

One of the keys to getting financially fit is to accept the fact that things are out of wack and the one thing that will cure it is more money.

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Make Peace With Your Money You Need & Want it. “The way to wealth depends On two things Industry and Frugality” – Benjamin Franklin