Volunteering Make Me Feel Good

Growing never understood why my mom had us volunteering, now I get it. it feels good to give and help others. I donate clothing and household items all the time, but to give time is priceless. then every once in a while someone also give me. the law of attraction I think is true. thank you universe for these gifts. couponing is great,but free is better.

greens galore 🍀☘🍃

My trip to the Dominican Republic

changed my life. it was so relaxing and rejuvenating. after fighting depression for over 2 years I feel like I am back on track and inspired to complete some of my projects. thank you Punta Cana.

everyone comfortable in their own skin. 

view from hotel breathtaking 

pineapples on everything and great happy people 

food was great and healthy 

Oprah and I says…

Oprah Winfrey Says: “I’m starting to cry. I’m remembering those years I struggled with my weight, those times when I saw my reflection in a store window and didn’t know who that fat person was, years when it was a big accomplishment for me to exercise at two dots on the StairMaster. And now I’m finishing a 26-mile race. Damn! This is better than winning an Emmy!”