Ex-Lawyer Joey Coleman on Unemployed Lawyers

The Ex-Lawyers Club

Is Ex-Lawyer Joey Coleman spot-on or not? You be the judge.

Ex-Lawyer Joey Coleman is the founder of Design Symphony, a DC-based marketing, design, and promotions firm. But by his own accounts, Coleman devotes about 30% of his workweek on the speakers’ circuit, talking sense into job seekers at universities and colleges across the country.

Coleman’s message to unemployed lawyers can be quite the bitter pill, but it’s one he stands behind without reservations. In Coleman’s own words: “If you think what I’m telling you is a line of shit and you don’t like hearing it, I’m sorry. But guess what? It’s going to be tough, and anyone who tells you differently—they’re the bad guys.”

In a recent interview with The Ex-Lawyers Club, Coleman shared his message to laid-off attorneys and jobless law graduates. Tough love or crock-of-shit? We’ll let you be the judge.

ExLC: Looking for work in this…

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