Friends Give Friends Chicken!

In this life blessings come in many formats, my blessing came in the form of a Chicken. Recently I was informed that many of the foods I love I can no longer eat. My co-worker and friend Charmayne was gifted whole chickens and gifted one to me. Chicken is 1 of the 2 only meats that I can eat. Today Sunday, October 16, 2016 I cooked my gifted chicken and made the best apple caramelized chicken I have ever made.

I call it Caramelized  Charmayne Chicken.  Main ingredients were: Lite brown sugar, butter, slices of apple, apple juice (sugar free) and apple sauce mix ingredients and stuff chicken with mixture and also top chicken. It turned out delicious! My side dish was Caramelized Green Beans wrapped with Sodium free bacon. Comment on your thoughts of this Sundays Creation LIKE and SHARE on your social media sites.


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