Friday Financial Fitness 2018

I read this article that listed these 10 important financial tips and I thought I would expound on them. I tried to think of a real cool name for these Chapters but I could not think of one so I am going to just continue and use Friday Financial Fitness 2018😊. Fit A Little Bit ©

Follow these tips when you’re young to avoid financial hardship in life.

  1. Use the credit card sparingly. Good to start building now.
  2. Go to college. Invest in the knowledge for you.
  3. Find your purpose and never get up on living in the purpose.
  4. Begin retirement planning with your 1st job believe it you will get old.
  5. Place a value on money. Know what you can and cannot buy with $1.
  6. Follow the golden rule- do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
  7. Select your partner wisely.
  8. Be prepared for the unexpected.
  9. Learn about investing
  10. Be thankful for your fortune

Weekly for the next 10 weeks I will address and blog about these topics.

Friday Financial Fitness Tip 1 Of course first on my list is use your credit card sparingly. At the early ages of 19-27 you would never think that you would need the credit history created at 22 and 40, well you do. If you think that you will not keep up with your payments then by all means do not get a credit card until you are ready for the responsibility. Ok so you in college and they are sending you all these credit card pre approvals. GET 1 and always keep the balance at 40% used. Keep in mind you will want to buy a car or automobile one day and this will help demonstrate to the lender that you are financially responsible and lessen the probability of defaulting on the big LOAN of a house or car.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Financial Fitness 2018

    • thank you for great question. every week i will post tips so stay tuned. at over 40 you have to start like you are 20 again but rebuilding. fix the mistakes with settlement and deletion.


  1. FINALLY! Someone honest, relevant and transparent enough to tell us what we need to hear,know and remember! I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been there or is in there.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! MOST IMPORTANTLY, GOD BLESS YOU!


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