High School then College. Yes or No. Friday Financial Fitness Series- Post 2

GO TO COLLEGE. I am not saying become a doctor. What I am saying is that knowledge is still the key to success. Success being having the knowledge to be great in your profession. If you are a janitor still take courses in Mastering Cleaning Products or Engineering Arts (you have to operate a machine somewhere on the job or you might want to). The sooner you invest in you the better odds you have at being even more successful. After 8 years of college and aging I can say that college is for the young. You can go past 30 if you too, but if you can squeeze in some college during those twenties. Your/My brain was so fresh quick and vibrate. None of it is easy but the struggle comes at 30 and thereafter so you need to put all efforts of having the best life before 30. Then the rest of your life reaping the benefits.


If I had to attend college right now or after 30 it would have been done but my brain is on so many other things some things over 20 years old. Even if you are already a star or millionaire more knowledge on what you trying to become or expert in what you are is best obtained from a college structured coursework.

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4 thoughts on “High School then College. Yes or No. Friday Financial Fitness Series- Post 2

  1. College or trade school for plumbing/electrical/heating cooling
    Something other than a high school diploma
    My sister husband is an electrician and as an apprentice he makes 16 an hour. After 2 years as an apprentice he will make between 25-30 an hour.
    My sister is a dog groomer (sounds weird I know) but she went to a 6 month program and made about 45,000 last year.
    Don’t ever settle either! Keep learning new skills, keep educating yourself.
    And never ever give up!!!!


  2. Yes if i was to go back i would have went to a community college then got a job and finished the other 2years at a university… faster, cheaper and I would have already been in my field


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