Financial Fitness Week #5-Understand the Value of Money

At a very early age my parents started giving me money and then started making me save money. First I saved money in a jar then once I began working at the age of 16 my mom opened me a credit union account, where I still have account. As a child we start off thinking that money is just available and place no value on it. But once you began to work and place money in account and view those statements and see the money disappear spent on items then you can see the value or money!!!!

As everyone knows the value of money is different for example in Mexico the $1.00 is worth 20.67 in pesos. So what is the point of this article that every $1 counts and add up. So why we are in the process of financial fitness lets watch our dollars closely and not waste monies on ATM fees and any late fees on anything. It all adds up. If you call a company to make a payment and there is a fee over the phone, go on line and make the payment to avoid the fee which could be from $3.95-$8.95. Watch every dollar it all adds up.

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