Financial Fitness #7-Select Partner Wisely


Ok lets face it, the heart wants what the heart wants😊 But once all the butterflies and sparkle settles down you need a partner with similar financial mindset. Minimally someone that is open to be financially responsible and conscious. Ok we all want the romance and bed-mance but we also need a financially responsible partner otherwise the task of taking care of monies business will become an uphill battle. Select someone that is not living or spending the shirt off their back. While dating and getting to know each other you should have talk about financial planning and keep it real. YOU WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY STABLE AND NOT JUST SHOPPING ALL THE TIME. Before you even select anyone work on yourself and get some of your business in order before you even try to obtain a partner. I believe you draw what you are! You financially responsible you will draw that same person to you. So lets keep getting educated on Financial Fitness and then Select A financially conscious person. HAPPY FRIDAY.


Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

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