Oahu Hawaii I Love You

It has taken me weeks to write about my trip to Hawaii because mentally I am still there!!!!! That trip revived me. Believe it or not I have been depressed for over 3 years and trying to gain my strength back. Every time I would get on a good path then tragedy would hit HARD!!! LIKE MAJOR ADAM BOMBS and I would go into refuge and recovery mode.

Something clicked inside of me in Hawaii though. I could peak my head out and know that nothing was going to happen. No one was asking me any questions or for anything or ask how I am doing. I had no reason to run and go into refuge. I could breathe just for me. With that:   I WOKE UP IN OAHU HAWAII.

trip 053.JPG

Day 1 I went to the Pearl Harbor exhibit alone. Just me.  My mind was open, free and able to absorb the information and understand this history of this great country and all the fallen heroes. This made me appreciate and grateful for my life that I had watched just go by for 3 years because of the weaken all the tragedy had cause. BUT I AM STILL HERE.

trip 001.JPG

Day 2 The beach. I was able to just sit there with my swimsuit on and watch the beautiful water and rainbows without a care in the world. SLEEP. Drink a Mai Tai drink inside a pineapple and watch the water again.

trip 003.JPG

Day 3 I went to the Dole Plantation alone and met new friends along the way to this excursion.  Enroute I enjoyed native food like grilled parmesan corn and shrimp and rice. It was all so good that I did not even talk when I ate. The Dole Plantation and those fresh pineapples were amazing!!!!!!! Amazing. Just grazing through the land, listening to the history and evolution of the pineapple was relaxing for me.

trip 006.JPG

trip 008.JPG

Day4-5 I partied. LOL

I never have to go back to Hawaii again in my life. It owes me nothing. Hawaii gave me the greatest gift of all!!   IT RETURNED ME TO ME.

trip 052.JPG

Welcome Back Cynthia



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