Financial Fitness #8- Prepare for the Unexpected


This goes back to the rainy-day fund concept. When you are trying to save and do the right thing that is when an unexpected expense comes on like car repair.

In this process of financial fitness a little at a time. Always put back a few dollars and let it add up for the unexpected expenses, even if it is only $25.00 a week.

BUDGET: Rent $800 Utilities $200 Cell Phone $50 (we got cheap service because we are save) Food $200, monthly, Transportation $500 (car note), Car Insurance $250, Bus pass for kids $100 ($50 a piece) Rainy Day Savings account $100 a month

Here are some more unexpected expenses: funerals, teeth work, house repair and parent financial emergency support. Even if you do not have the entire amount needed for the emergency at least you have something to contribute. Thank you for reading


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

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