Friday Financial fitness #9- learn about investing

chris-liverani-552649-unsplashI will NOT begin to pretend that I am a savvy investor in stocks or anything like that, but I know Merrill Lynch and Fidelity investment are😊Contact a brokerage firm and just listen and read their material, if you still not comfortable work with a Licensed Investment Broker and invest per his/her advice.

Other investing opportunities- There are other ways of investing in your financial fitness. Invest in a home minus a few hiccups in the market it is almost a sure thing. This is cheaper than rent and if you purchase multiple properties you can use the income from the second property to pay loan on 1st property. How do I know, well I did that throughout law school. I was extremely blessed that I bought a newly built condo when market was low. Rented it high enough to cover mortgage and my rent away at school. I lot of things are luck and the rest is effort. If I could do it again I would, it seemed stressful at the time but it really was not. Also if you take on extra job take monies from that and invest in stock maybe you can double your money. GOOD LUCK!!!!


Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash
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