Until Debt Do Us Part

The Key to Credit Repair or Maintenance is PATIENCE

It is just one you and 3 credit reporting agencies against you with a large support staff. I view it as Me vs. Credit Reporting Agencies. They do not get paid by me they are paid by the companies who report to them or the government, so they have no vested interest in me minus the idea of accuracy.

It can become very frustrating correcting and updating your credit report. But remember to start your own filing system for each agency and a timeline on the computer that tells you expiration dates on correspondence or demands that you are sending agencies and your creditors.

If you are thinking of financing a house or another BIG TICKETitem or just want to be on the right financial track, think of managing your credit as a part time job with full time credit worthiness return😊


If you have any questions on credit monitoring or agency communication just let me know. I worked against and with the agency for people who scores had dropped because they got A FRESH START.

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