Friday Financial Fitness #10 Be Thankful For The Fortune


We made it to Week #10 the Finish Line . Take a minute and look back and see in these ten weeks did you minimally gain some knowledge. Did you at least apply 1 principle? Well then be thankful for that fortune. Look at the rest of the aspects of your life: family, children, job and health. If you are at 85% in each of those categories be thankful. There are millions of people with problems in all of those areas. If you are lacking in any aspect of those 4 areas, work on them. That is the best you can do. Do not ignore them-work on them. Work on educating the children and other family on financial responsibility -start there. That will be forefilling and help to make sure everyone in your life understand what you are doing. They may want to join in or motivate you as well. Thank you and good luck on your financial fitness journey. Comment below or ask any questions.

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Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

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