BackPack Back to School


It is back to school time and the stores are a buzz about buying all of these supplies, clothes and parents are happy to finally get kids out of house. FREEDOM AND LOW food bills again.

The stores are flooded with back to school everything. So what happens if the stuff does not sale after school starts. Is it called back to school after school start sale. Probably not.

My thought is there is no way a kid will use all of the supplies in the first week of school or wear all of their new clothes for the year in a week. So the main thing that need to be purchased that is a mainstay for the whole year is a BACKPACK. You want the best one for your child because he/she will be using it the entire year.

What I have found is the best bang for your bucks with backpacks is Kohls. I am not endorsed by Kohls although I wish I was but you get more for your money from there compared to TJMaxx (which is always a toss up) or Meijers.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Another budget friendly backpack option is Five Below. I know only $5.00 how sturdy could it be. Well #1 I would use it as a gym bag instead of a backpack. But what I am doing is buying this backpack in addition too but filling it with things my niece need like or want like cute leggings and/or hair supplies or gym socks to keep the theme going.

THEN…. Drum roll. Then the week after school starts all back to school supplies will be on sale over 25-50% off then which is the best time to buy all supplies and clothes for the year. I am a product of that and I follow that tactic right now. Saving 50% is worth the children not having that $100.00 calculator on the first week or that expensive name brand shirt.

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