Money Party

I just found out today that I have been having parties with myself for years. Unscheduled but attended regularly.

What is a money party? Well my version is on Monday I write down my plans to pay and also review my calendar based on conversations I have had with creditors. So when I get paid on Friday I know exactly where my money is going. Any monies I make from additional projects I am working

on I pay those same bills again to get them paid off early. Yep I pay sometimes the same bill twice in a week to get it paid off early.

THEN TO CELEBRATE MY ACCOMPLISHMENT when I get off work on or even before work I play some music loud and sing and do my happy dance. As a reward to myself on Friday evening I treat myself to a happy hour with the girls or sisters and/or dinner with mom on ME!

You as an individual or as a family should have a regularly scheduled Money Party with your spouse or children bi-weekly. This way everyone knows what the spending plan is or is not. Your spouse and children maybe walking around the house thinking they/you are rich. The Money Party will snap everyone into shape. We not rich so do not even ask for those new shoes, a vacation or a new game. We got bills to pay and savings to build to get your financial life in order.

So get with kids or spouse and plan your happy party. The right age for a child attendance is based on if that child is asking you to buy them something-anything a piece of candy. Then they should be at Money Party. They need to know that money does not grow on trees.


Everyone bring calendar app

Pencils and paper

Pizzza, pop and wine

Prepare an agenda in advance so you have a plan. Text agenda to everyone 3 days in advance just in case they want to add to agenda.

This meeting should only last 45 minutes to an hour. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY AND NO IS EXEMPT!


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