Student Loans-Another thing to Manage

I cannot say it enough times to open your mail as soon as you get it. Well I had my loans consolidated 100 years ago so now I make 1 payment a month and it covers the big ones. The little ones I paid years ago. Well 2 weeks ago I got a letter about consolidating a loan before it go into default. WAIT, NOW WHAT!!!

Who and why am I paying every month then? Well come to find out 1 loan was missing I thought. Nope I was wrong this one loan is really 3 of the tiny loans I paid off years ago but now some collection agency trying to say I owe. #1 I have all my receipts from the 90’s and beyond. #2 It shows paid in full on my credit report.

It took me 2 weeks, 50 cups of coffee and 4 letters to get this monkey off my back. Keep receipts of all paid debts especially student loans because it can get confusing. If you do not like paper, then scan into a machine and save on your laptop. That defaulted loan would have crushed my credit. SAVE OR SCAN it all!!!


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