How to live your best life?

#1 You got to put yourself in your Super Position.

To Be in your Super Position I am defining that as being away from all the negativity. It is going to be some dead bodies along the way but better them than you. Do not let nothing in this environment affect your positive mindset or have you upset. Stay in your Super You Position. Do not move for no one.

BTW Road Rage is not cute!

Anyone talking negative -you got to cut them short and if necessary cut them out. You cannot stay at the bottom forever and sometimes just talking to someone who enjoys being at the bottom can weigh you down

#2 Do a self-evaluation of self? What makes you the best you? Define and list it. Is it when the kids grades are good and they are at peace? If that is the case go to free tutoring. Instead f Xbox play games buy them education games to use on computer or smart phone. Play old time games with them when they get home. Scrabble or Monopoly. As a matter of fact have a family game night. If their smile make you smile-play with them. Is it when you bills are paid and no more collection calls. Then answer the phone and talk to bill collector. Tell them to remove your number from their list-DO NOT CALL LIST and to only contact you by mail. That is that. They by law have to stop calling you. What makes you unhappy? Then list what make you unhappy or sad! Eliminate it. If that is eating the same food every day, day in day out. Change it up. Stop eating chicken and switch it over to Salmon for a day or two. Is it that same ole tired ride to work. Change it up-go a different route see some different traffic. That change alone might make you day go happier.

This post was inspired by Deonte!


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