Friday Financial fitness #9- learn about investing

chris-liverani-552649-unsplashI will NOT begin to pretend that I am a savvy investor in stocks or anything like that, but I know Merrill Lynch and Fidelity investment arešŸ˜ŠContact a brokerage firm and just listen and read their material, if you still not comfortable work with a Licensed Investment Broker and invest per his/her advice.

Other investing opportunities- There are other ways of investing in your financial fitness. Invest in a home minus a few hiccups in the market it is almost a sure thing. This is cheaper than rent and if you purchase multiple properties you can use the income from the second property to pay loan on 1st property. How do I know, well I did that throughout law school. I was extremely blessed that I bought a newly built condo when market was low. Rented it high enough to cover mortgage and my rent away at school. I lot of things are luck and the rest is effort. If I could do it again I would, it seemed stressful at the time but it really was not. Also if you take on extra job take monies from that and invest in stock maybe you can double your money. GOOD LUCK!!!!


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Let’s Start With A Smoothie

People ask me why I chose the title Fit A Little Bit. First it was chosen by my mom who said you have to get your life together a little bit at a time, it will not happen overnight and it will not happen all at the same time, so work on it a little fit oops bit at a time. MY FINANCES. MY HEALTHY FITNESS LIFE. MY PERSONAL LIFE

I do not know which area is the hardiest. Today it is the healthy fitness part. Although all aspects of the fit a little bit brand tie together it seems like the health spills over into everything more than the others. I kinda set my standards a little low some days so I do not beat myself up. My minimum healthy thing to do per day is to make myself a healthy smoothie. At least I am starting off on the goodšŸ˜Š .

Everyone do not have the luxury of sitting at home and counting steps all day or doing yoga 3 times a day. So for me a single heavy hard working individual with no spouse to carry the load or a government check then the whole stress of life is all on me so I must have a job or income.

I know one day soon without sacrificing my career that I have invested so much time and money into that I will look as good as this again.

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For right now I am starting out by making a smoothie everyday.

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How to Have A Beautiful Wedding Reception in 60 Days Without Going Into Debt

  1. FREE LABOR- Recruit friends and family also known as free labor. In my case it was my sistersā€™ future in laws, my other sister and
  2. I had 3 nieces who saved the day 100 times over. Do not rely on friends bc during this time friends maybe suspect. Nieces and sisters are usually A1 from Day 1.
  3. VENUE- Once that phone call and text has been sent for HELP. Next step is to obtain a venue 911! Be flexible on the day to get married. Saturday should not even be on the table because the price is always super high. The last wedding, I assisted with was on a Friday-perfect if you trying to Par -ty which they were. (See Pictureā€¦ ) Put deposit on venue
  4. immediately and start making payments weekly or bi-weekly, nobody has time for big final payments. Remember we are on a budget and a short time frame. This is not the time to be wishing on lottery winnings and overtime pay. Lets just be smart-PAYMENT PLANS AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL PAID IN FULL.

5. SEATING- If you lucky enough the venue will have chairs in the color of your desire if not, chair covers or rent wooded chairs the price comes out about the same. If you training to TURN UP wood chairs or facility chairs because the feel is better. If you use the venue chairs the linen company will allow you to pick up linen and that saves $35-$50.

6. INVITATIONS- Ok one of the things I learned from this last event from the Millennials is instead of sending out traditional invitations to your friends (aged 20-35) send invites via Facebook. Believe or not that works!!!! Order traditional invitations for the other age group with card insert with website RSVP. The stamps, time and invitations savings is out the ROOF. Saved $200.00

7. DECORATIONS- Locate a discount flower warehouse. Online or in person. I am hands on so I went to the warehouse. Savings and selection were phenomenal. Plus if you got a tax

identification number you do not pay taxes. 1 visit and I had 89% of what I needed for centerpieces and place sittings. All remaining items needed I hit online shopping. People love amazon but I say go to specific vendors for certain things like lights or table runners and then hit amazon for the rest. All decorations can be done with less than $1k and in 1 week. As a matter of fact we had double center pieces and party favors included. To add realness to it buy greener from florist on day of event and add to each center piece.šŸ˜‰

8. MUSIC-Letā€™s see musical entertainment. At least every other person know a DJ.

I think that this is one of the most important aspects of the wedding reception because the DJ sets the tone and is also MC ing. Pay like you weigh on this one but also consider you can barter this service or get on an extended friendship FAM cousin payment plan. Work your Jelly on this.

9. Cake ā€“ Easy Piezy. #1 you probably only going to get that one piece you share so be only

concerned about the presentation of the cake. You got a lot of options: (1) Walmart they make good tasty wedding cakes with the right cook. (2) Meijer make good cakes. (3) Go to the bakery of your dream and have the top two layers of cake as fake layers and the bottom one real. Serve it until it is gone.

10. Photographer and Videographer. In our case we were lucky because a niece was a photographer. Believe it or not those disposable cameras are still on amazon for $65.00. Use them and insist that people turn those in to the gift table before they leave. I had researched as a Plan B to hire a local photography school

student(s) that would do the gig for $100.00 and videographer for $100.00 so hire 2 each of them plus disposable cameras and you covered. Total $465.00 when normally those services are $1500 together.

11. FOOD- Serve Finger food and tell your mom/dad or auntie to pay for that. That should not be a problem, you got the rest. Oh champagne if you buy more than 10 bottles just at local liquor warehouse they will discount you $2.00 a bottle off medium to top shelf champagne. WINNING

Go into your marriage and new life without all of this debt to payoff for 5 years for an event that last 5 hours.



Financial Fitness #8- Prepare for the Unexpected


This goes back to the rainy-day fund concept. When you are trying to save and do the right thing that is when an unexpected expense comes on like car repair.

In this process of financial fitness a little at a time. Always put back a few dollars and let it add up for the unexpected expenses, even if it is only $25.00 a week.

BUDGET: Rent $800 Utilities $200 Cell Phone $50 (we got cheap service because we are save) Food $200, monthly, Transportation $500 (car note), Car Insurance $250, Bus pass for kids $100 ($50 a piece) Rainy Day Savings account $100 a month

Here are some more unexpected expenses: funerals, teeth work, house repair and parent financial emergency support. Even if you do not have the entire amount needed for the emergency at least you have something to contribute. Thank you for reading


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Oahu Hawaii I Love You

It has takenĀ meĀ weeks to write about my trip to Hawaii because mentally I am still there!!!!! That trip revivedĀ me. Believe it or not I have been depressed for over 3 years and trying to gain my strength back. Every time I would get on a good path then tragedy would hit HARD!!! LIKE MAJOR ADAM BOMBS and I would go into refuge and recovery mode.

Something clicked inside ofĀ meĀ in Hawaii though. I could peak my head out and know that nothing was going to happen. No one was askingĀ meĀ any questions or for anything or ask how I am doing. I had no reason to run and go into refuge. I could breathe just forĀ me. With that:Ā Ā  I WOKE UP IN OAHU HAWAII.

trip 053.JPG

Day 1 I went to the Pearl Harbor exhibit alone. JustĀ me.Ā  My mind was open, free and able to absorb the information and understand this history of this great country and all the fallen heroes. This madeĀ meĀ appreciate and grateful for my life that I had watched just go by for 3 years because of the weaken all the tragedy had cause. BUT I AM STILL HERE.

trip 001.JPG

Day 2 The beach. I was able to just sit there with my swimsuit on and watch the beautiful water and rainbows without a care in the world. SLEEP. Drink a Mai Tai drink inside a pineapple and watch the water again.

trip 003.JPG

Day 3 I went to the Dole Plantation alone and met new friends along the way to this excursion.Ā  Enroute I enjoyed native food like grilled parmesan corn and shrimp and rice. It was all so good that I did not even talk when I ate. The Dole Plantation and those fresh pineapples were amazing!!!!!!! Amazing. Just grazing through the land, listening to the history and evolution of the pineapple was relaxing forĀ me.

trip 006.JPG

trip 008.JPG

Day4-5 I partied. LOL

I never have to go back to Hawaii again in my life. It owesĀ meĀ nothing. Hawaii gaveĀ meĀ the greatest gift of all!!Ā Ā  IT RETURNEDĀ MEĀ TOĀ ME.

trip 052.JPG

Welcome Back Cynthia



Financial Fitness #7-Select Partner Wisely


Ok lets face it, the heart wants what the heart wantsšŸ˜Š But once all the butterflies and sparkle settles down you need a partner with similar financial mindset. Minimally someone that is open to be financially responsible and conscious. Ok we all want the romance and bed-mance but we also need a financially responsible partner otherwise the task of taking care of monies business will become an uphill battle. Select someone that is not living or spending the shirt off their back. While dating and getting to know each other you should have talk about financial planning and keep it real. YOU WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY STABLE AND NOT JUST SHOPPING ALL THE TIME. Before you even select anyone work on yourself and get some of your business in order before you even try to obtain a partner. I believe you draw what you are! You financially responsible you will draw that same person to you. So lets keep getting educated on Financial Fitness and then Select A financially conscious person. HAPPY FRIDAY.


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