So You Want To Open A Beauty Bar đź’„🤔🤔🤔

Here are a few things you’ll want to do before you open your beauty bar:

  • Make a business plan. (find a template and fill it out)
  • Figure out funding. (family, boyfriend, bank or friends)
  • Find a mentor. (if you cannot in person find one, find one of line)
  • Put an accounting and inventory program in place. …
  • Hunt for the right location. (a high traffic safe environment easily accessible to your clientele)
  • Know the area. (visit all times of the day and night and maybe talk to realtor about it)
  • Design your salon around the clientele you want. (if you want to do classy or trashy know your clientele and their expectations)
  • Provide excellent customer service. (meaning do not ignore them and be professional no pull up on people conversation)

The main thing is funding. You can start out small from home or get an investor to fund you (wink wink) or just borrow the money you need from the bank.

The start-up capital will be used for the design, leasehold improvements, and equipment of the salon. Leasehold improvements will amount to approximately$32,500, and salon equipment will cost about $27,000. The owner will invest $500for cash-on-hand at starting date.

With all your lease equipment and leases in place you are ready for business. It is not complicated. Just work hard and then harder and then advertise/promote like HELL.

6 Saving Money Staycation Tips From Merrick Bank

Ready for that relaxing and fun vacation, but trying to avoid the inconvenience of traveling, finding the right hotel, and the added expenses that keep growing? Escape the stress of planning a vacation getaway by opting for an amazing staycation in your own state. Playing tourist in your backyard can be just as exciting as getting out of town, but without the expensive price tag and extra hassle.

With summer on its way, it’s time you took a vacation without the heavy financial burden, and these six ideas and tips are critical to ensuring your staycation is truly the dream vacation you’ve wanted. Welcome to your perfect staycation.

Staycation Activity Ideas.

  1. Try new foods. Just because you’re not in an exotic location doesn’t mean you can’t experience something different. Try something new, like the neighborhood restaurant you have heard about or try something off the beaten path. Websites like provide local ratings on restaurants and even pictures of food items from previous customers. With the money you’re saving on your staycation, pick a nice restaurant and splurge a little on your meal. Or if trying new foods isn’t your thing, change where you eat. Have your breakfast outside, eat dinner at the park, or have your favorite meal delivered.
  2. Get back to nature. No matter where you live, the outdoors always has a lot to offer. Find a nearby hiking trail. allows you to search for trails and parks near you, and even shows the level of difficulty so you know whether the hike is suitable for your children or grandchildren. Plant some favorite herbs in your backyard. Get to know the environment in which you live. Whether you’re near mountains, plains, or water, there’s beauty in everyone’s backyard.
  3. Explore the local scene. Be a tourist in your own town, you might be surprised at how many free, local events are available in your own town. Check out the public library for free events and activities. Take an afternoon to see a concert, visit a museum, or browse your local farmers’ market. Spend an evening under the stars with a movie in the park. You’ll get to know the flavor of your town, and meet other locals who are interested in the same things. is an easy way to search for “Things to Do” near any city.

Staycation Planning Tips.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your nearby excursions.

  1. Disconnect. Take a break from emails, appointments, chores, and errands. After all, the key to the best staycation is taking a break from the routine. Even though you’re home, you’re still on vacation. This is your time to relax and have fun.
  2. Budget. Like any trip or vacation, you’ll still want to set a budget. The goal of a staycation isn’t to spend no money, but to save money. Even with a budget in place, you can still find ways to treat yourself with something as simple as a fancy dessert or a day doing something you want to do. Look for extra savings using sites like and
  3. Plan. Don’t let your staycation be just another weekend at home. To make it memorable, plan your activities in advance. Do your research ahead of time so you know what events are going on and what the weather will be. Then make a game plan to ensure this will be the best staycation yet.

Smart financial decisions don’t have to get in the way of new experiences and a fabulous vacation. By following these staycation ideas and tips, you can relax and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.

Money Party

I just found out today that I have been having parties with myself for years. Unscheduled but attended regularly.

What is a money party? Well my version is on Monday I write down my plans to pay and also review my calendar based on conversations I have had with creditors. So when I get paid on Friday I know exactly where my money is going. Any monies I make from additional projects I am working

on I pay those same bills again to get them paid off early. Yep I pay sometimes the same bill twice in a week to get it paid off early.

THEN TO CELEBRATE MY ACCOMPLISHMENT when I get off work on or even before work I play some music loud and sing and do my happy dance. As a reward to myself on Friday evening I treat myself to a happy hour with the girls or sisters and/or dinner with mom on ME!

You as an individual or as a family should have a regularly scheduled Money Party with your spouse or children bi-weekly. This way everyone knows what the spending plan is or is not. Your spouse and children maybe walking around the house thinking they/you are rich. The Money Party will snap everyone into shape. We not rich so do not even ask for those new shoes, a vacation or a new game. We got bills to pay and savings to build to get your financial life in order.

So get with kids or spouse and plan your happy party. The right age for a child attendance is based on if that child is asking you to buy them something-anything a piece of candy. Then they should be at Money Party. They need to know that money does not grow on trees.


Everyone bring calendar app

Pencils and paper

Pizzza, pop and wine

Prepare an agenda in advance so you have a plan. Text agenda to everyone 3 days in advance just in case they want to add to agenda.

This meeting should only last 45 minutes to an hour. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY AND NO IS EXEMPT!


Student Loans-Another thing to Manage

I cannot say it enough times to open your mail as soon as you get it. Well I had my loans consolidated 100 years ago so now I make 1 payment a month and it covers the big ones. The little ones I paid years ago. Well 2 weeks ago I got a letter about consolidating a loan before it go into default. WAIT, NOW WHAT!!!

Who and why am I paying every month then? Well come to find out 1 loan was missing I thought. Nope I was wrong this one loan is really 3 of the tiny loans I paid off years ago but now some collection agency trying to say I owe. #1 I have all my receipts from the 90’s and beyond. #2 It shows paid in full on my credit report.

It took me 2 weeks, 50 cups of coffee and 4 letters to get this monkey off my back. Keep receipts of all paid debts especially student loans because it can get confusing. If you do not like paper, then scan into a machine and save on your laptop. That defaulted loan would have crushed my credit. SAVE OR SCAN it all!!!


BackPack Back to School


It is back to school time and the stores are a buzz about buying all of these supplies, clothes and parents are happy to finally get kids out of house. FREEDOM AND LOW food bills again.

The stores are flooded with back to school everything. So what happens if the stuff does not sale after school starts. Is it called back to school after school start sale. Probably not.

My thought is there is no way a kid will use all of the supplies in the first week of school or wear all of their new clothes for the year in a week. So the main thing that need to be purchased that is a mainstay for the whole year is a BACKPACK. You want the best one for your child because he/she will be using it the entire year.

What I have found is the best bang for your bucks with backpacks is Kohls. I am not endorsed by Kohls although I wish I was but you get more for your money from there compared to TJMaxx (which is always a toss up) or Meijers.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Another budget friendly backpack option is Five Below. I know only $5.00 how sturdy could it be. Well #1 I would use it as a gym bag instead of a backpack. But what I am doing is buying this backpack in addition too but filling it with things my niece need like or want like cute leggings and/or hair supplies or gym socks to keep the theme going.

THEN…. Drum roll. Then the week after school starts all back to school supplies will be on sale over 25-50% off then which is the best time to buy all supplies and clothes for the year. I am a product of that and I follow that tactic right now. Saving 50% is worth the children not having that $100.00 calculator on the first week or that expensive name brand shirt.

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Bigger Than You

This post is inspired by my experience and 2Chainz who made that song.

Sometimes things just happen and there is nothing we can do about it. DEATH. CAR ACCIDENT. LOSS OF JOB.

The Real Plan is bigger than we can see. Maybe the death is because that person was suffering or did not listen to Gods advice to stop death to happen. Do we miss them, of course, can we bring them back, no. Car accident maybe it happened to stop a bigger worst imminent car accident further up the road. Maybe it happened to start you to thinking of other automobile opportunities. Loss of Job maybe it is to allow you to receive unemployment while your mind rest and get ready for bigger better job than the one you have.

THE REAL PLAN IS BIGGER THAN US. It is difficult but in times of trouble pray, keep getting up and trying.


When You Get Serious About Your Finances…

When you get real serious about getting your financial house in order Happy Hour and car new car payment will not be a priority. I financed a car for 4 years and paid it off in 2 years. Why because there was no way in this world I was going to be held hostage by a car note and house note (at the time). It was a Cadillac Escalade. Everyone was shocked, and the credit union was mad. I then drove it for 8 more years. CAR NOTE free. I think it was the best 8 years of my life. Lol. I drove it until the second transmission rebuilt went down and it would only go 65 miles an hour, but by then the houses were paid for and if I wanted to I could work part-time and write blogs like I am doing now. I sacrificed and suffered for 2 years but lived the dream for 8+ years. I think it was a good investment.

Ok the real question was how? I got a great deal and was in the process of building credit because at that time I had none. I paid $1100 a month for 24 months and paid the truck off early. By the 12 month the credit union was calling me weekly wanting to know did I want to refinance or need extra money. Apparently extra money was not a motivator for me because I put all my extra into paying off that truck and all bills surrounding it. THIS SENT MY CREDIT OVER THE TOP AND THAT LARGE PURCHASE IS STILL REPORTING.

STEP 1 – Got additional income. I took on another job. I taught classes in the evening. It is always my go to extra income since I finished college at 22. While in college I did nails for everyone in the building for like $10 minus designs to pay for my partying!!

STEP 2 – I took no vacation for 2 straight years. People proposed good deals and payment plans. NOPE I had my own plan. PLAN TO GET OUT OF DEBT.

STEP 3- Set a budget for everything. NO expensive wedding or birthday gifts for no one but maybe your parents, but this time go in with another sibling on their gift. Wedding gifts are just down to $10 gift cards or a bottle of inexpensive wine or on sale online wine. Find a discount warehouse. Happy hours are now potlucks at your house. No money for expensive drinks and so so food. If you have to go to the bar drink sprite plus cranberry juice and eat before you go. Happy hour is an easy $50 a pop and that is $200 a month. NOPE you cannot afford any of that while you paying off a big ticket item or just getting your finances FIT.


What Is Purpose of Emergency Fund

  1. In case you lose your job you will have enough money to live off of for 6 months. So if you have no emergency fund you have no business shopping.

  1. Car Repairs. They always come when you have no money. You must have a car in most cities to get to work to keep paying your bills. So you need money for emergency fund.

  1. Medical emergencies. Maybe not for a kidney but for co-pays for emergency surgery after an accident or deposit for braces after kid breaks teeth. Everyone mindset must change you cannot depend on the State or other parent or family to be prepared for your emergency or kid. SAVE AND KEEP SAVING.

  1. Home Fixing. There is nothing like the furnace breaking in the middle of the month and no money to keep the house warm. If your energy company offers appliance insurance I would advise everyone to get that sometimes it is only $9.95 a month.

Thank you for reading and hope that this article help you. Stay tuned for money management book release real soon!